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When You Have a Claim to Report…

When you have a claim, we work with you to ensure prompt and proper settlement. This is when you need an experienced Aviation Insurance Professional on your side!

If you need to file a claim you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (954) 873-5169, or at our office during office hours at (954) 434-6222.

Our aviation claims professionals are the cornerstone of our integrated team. Busy on the case well before a claim occurs, our experts provide guidance on the best practices for loss mitigation and stay close throughout the claims cycle. We provide consultation with clients and insurers regarding claims, demands and pending litigation; client advocacy once initial claim reserves are set and thought development; Claims review preparation, participation, and guidance; Strategic approach to claims issues regarding renewal negotiation and coverage continuance.

If you are involved in an incident

  • Provide First Aid if needed
  • Call emergency medical assistance if needed
  • Contact authorities; NTSB, FAA and/or your local Law Enforcement as required
  • Take photos of EVERYTHING before moving anything
  • Contact Us to report Claim
  • Ensure all your documents are in order before speaking with or providing statements to anyone. (Medical certificates, pilot licenses, biannual, or 100 hr inspection)
  • Do not speak to anyone or provide statements other than what is required by FAA or NTSB (We highly recommend talking to Authorities after consulting with your Personal Aviation Legal Council for guidance.)